Orion Wiener Nostalgie
Orion Wiener Nostalgie


One of the classic series in Vienna Coffee House style is „Design by ORION: WIENER NOSTALGIE“. Part of ORION’s product range since 1985 it has turned into a top export seller.

The name “ORION” is inextricably united with Vienna. Like “ALT WIEN”, „Design by ORION: WIENER NOSTALGIE“ belongs to the classic series in “Vienna Coffee House”-style. The first models of “WIENER NOSTALGIE” were produced in 1985. Constant advancements led to this series developing into one of our top export sellers – popularizing this exceptional, elegant and slightly elaborate style throughout the world. Distinctive feature of “WIENER NOSTALGIE” are ball shaped brass ornaments with structured finish at the top of every glass shade.

„Design by ORION: WIENER NOSTALGIE“ is in high popular demand and has been installed in many special projects. Like in numerous hotels (Petrovski, Rostov/Russia; Karpati, Baia Mare/Romania; Sorgerhof, Frauental/Austria; Kummer, Vienna/Austria) over churches (Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen, Lichen Stary/Poland) to cultural institutes (Culture Institute of Azerbaijan in Vienna) – the range is tremendous.

The metal parts of “WIENER NOSTALGIE” are manufactured in solid brass with finishes either brass shine-polished or “Patina” hand-shaded. ORION offers four different options for the glasses: opal-matte, opal-brilliant, champagne-matte and champagne-brilliant.

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