Orion Verona
Orion Verona


With a ring to it almost as beautiful as Juliet - „Design by ORION: VERONA“ combines rustic-style elements with multi-colored crystals.

Verona in Northern Italy offers world famous sites: the well-preserved old town with many buildings from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Roman arena today used to stage operas and of course – thanks to William Shakespeare – the “Casa di Guilietta”. The house with the balcony on which Juliet pines for her lover Romeo to visit her by night.

„Design by ORION: VERONA“ presents itself as a combination of elegant and rustic-style elements. The iron framework as down-to-earth base of the light together with transparent and colored crystal hangings as stylish elements give off a Mediterranean note. Offering “VERONA” a large variety of options for use in private as well as public interiors. Juliet would most certainly have enjoyed it!

The metal parts are manufactured in iron; finishes are available in Antique Silver Patina or Antique Gold Patina. The crystals are offered in various color combinations; all are in “1A full-cut crystal”-quality.

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