All models of the „Design by ORION“ series are hand-crafted by ORION-employees in our lighting factory on Vienna’s south-side. Many steps are needed until a light is completed.


Everything starts with a plan…

The story of each ORION-light begins long before production. It starts with a blueprint of the construction – meticulously developed from the idea over the production concept to the final “Design by ORION”. A sample item of each new light is made and critically studied. If it meets ORION’s demands, then it either turns into a product series or is manufactured as resolution of a special project.

Process Planning

… which turns into a check-list

A so-called itemized check-list is compiled for every light, containing all its components. As soon as it is available for every light model the actual manufacturing order can be processed. All necessary materials order picked and the individual departments supplied with them.

Basic Materials

A premium quality foundation

Most ORION lights have a base made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. To maintain identical high quality standards over the course of many years, we endeavor to obtain all brass from the same producers. Currently these are mainly manufacturers in Germany.

Brass as basic material is superior to iron, as it is stainless and thus of high durability. This quality comes at a price – not only is brass more expensive, but also more demanding in workmanship.


Precision (every step of the way)

The raw materials for our lights first enter the workshop. Using various processing methods, the individual components receive their basic form: Blanking in the pressure press, disconnecting, drilling, bending, soldering, milling and cutting threads. The workshop employees carefully control every piece before it moves on to the surface finishing departments.

Grinding and cleaning shops

The first polish

On arrival, the components are first treated mechanically. Smaller light components lose their rough edges in steel ball polishing machines; large ones are manually ground piece by piece. In the next step the parts are degreased and chemically cleaned to eliminate any residue before the premium ORION finishing.

Electroplating and Paint Shop

True colors

As soon as the components are clean, they “take a bath” in the fully automated electroplating department – to receive the fine gold- or chrome-shine the ORION lights are admired for. Surfaces such as “Bronze” or “Patina” are hand-shaded afterwards to obtain their characteristic micro-sectioning. Afterwards the components receive their final finish in the paint shop, where all parts are covered in a protective varnish which is then case-hardened in ovens at app. 120° degrees Celsius. ORION uses an electro-static paint procedure. Once more every component separately undergoes yet another a strict quality control.

Incidentally: Degreasing as well as electroplating create polluted industrial sewage. For all procedures in the lighting factory to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the ORION factory has its own purification plant in which all sewage is treated before it re-enters the cycle of use. Another ORION specialty. For us ORION quality means also conserving the quality of our environment.


Complex hand-craft

The individual components are assembled to completed lighting fixtures in the assembly department respectively in homework.

We work with the “one on one” principle: All components of one ORION light are assembled by one assembly worker: From linking the crystal hangings over screwing together the basic frame to arranging the final lighting composition. This helps avoid error sources and lets us reach our superior quality level.

The assembly of crystal chandeliers for instance requires an incredible amount of skilled handiwork.


Tested quality, packaged for worldwide shipping

As soon as a light from the “Design by ORION”-series is finished, it must undergo further testing:

  • a visual test whether the light has been assembled correctly and particularly whether the finishing is immaculate,
  • an electric test checking the functioning of the light.
  • first series also go to the laboratory for certification.

If ORION lights have passed all tests, they are packaged, sent to the distribution center and from there they go on the journey to their final destination.