„Design by ORION: TOSCA“ relies on floral elements and convinces with a Mediterranean, playful style and high versatility.

“Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore” – I lived for the arts, I lived for love – Floria Tosca sang for the first time in 1900. Puccini’s eponymous opera with its world-famous arias today is a standard in most repertoires of opera houses throughout the world. It is the beautifully tragic love story of opera singer Floria and painter Mario in a Rome of Napoléon’s time (1800).

„Design by ORION: TOSCA“ reminds of Mediterranean delicateness with its curved and floral elements. The hand-shaded brass parts are cast molded; the fashioning of fine brass leaf elements gives the lights almost the appearance of a flower bouquet.

“TOSCA” is very popular for public buildings, like hotels and guesthouses. But also for private interiors – the altar-lily like glass shades are highly favored. While the small wall and floor lamps are exclusively fitted with small altar-lily shaped floral glasses, the large chandeliers receive an additional outstanding central glass calyx.

„Design by ORION: TOSCA“’s metal parts are made in solid brass with hand-shaded finish “Antique Patina”. The glass shades are brilliant-matte with sanded décor on the insides.

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