Orion_Stilluster Flamisch


An absolute classic among chandeliers that has been passed on through the centuries is the so-called “Flemish” style. „Design by ORION: STILLUSTER FLÄMISCH" follows this tradition.

The name “Flemish style” has universally established itself for the classic chandelier design with curved arms and candle-shaped illuminants. They remind us of medieval candelabras as they were often used in churches, fortresses and castles. Fitted with electric lights, this design has survived the centuries.

„Design by ORION: STILLUSTER FLÄMISCH" is popular for interiors with open brick or stone walls or other ambiances evoking old history. Befitting this, the light is available with a cast eagle as header. This very traditional design also fits well into other history themed environments, such as the National Museum of Macedonia in Skopje, whose halls are fitted with STILLUSTER FLÄMISCH.

No hall is too large and no room too small: ORION offers this series in a very large variety. The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass, the ornaments cast molded. Finishes are available in shiny brass and “Patina”. „Design by ORION: STILLUSTER FLÄMISCH" is open for special orders.

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