Orion Stäbchenserie
Orion Stäbchenserie


In a more reduced fashion than „ADELE“, but also with a clear Art Nouveau slant, „Design by ORION: STÄBCHENSERIE“ has a classic appeal that convinces in private as well as public interiors.

„Design by ORION: STÄBCHENSERIE“ borrows its form language from other series like “ADELE”, but in a much reduced fashion. Belonging to the circle of design series hinging on Art Nouveau, it remains more understated and reserved, making it more versatile in usage. “STÄBCHENSERIE”’s overall classic appeal makes it suitable for private as well as public interiors.

Main characteristic of “STÄBCHENSERIE” is the typical circle of light around the illuminant, created by the use of full glass rods in ORION-products. This series was one of the first ventures towards Art Nouveau style and remains a pillar of ORIONs in this art form.

The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and are available in finishes brass shine-polished or “Patina” hand-shaded. Depending on the model series, the options of brass-matte and bronze-plated are also on offer. All models are fitted with full glass rods; the ornaments are cast molded.

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