Orion Spiralluster


The tailor-made chandelier for every stairway: „Design by ORION: SPIRALLUSTER“ is individually crafted for the perfect fit to any interior’s requirements.

Stairs often are gray, dark, literally de-inviting locations. They require a lot of space and it is difficult to find the appropriate decoration for them. „Design by ORION: SPIRALLUSTER“ solves two problems in one go. The dark stairwell receives a soft and bright illumination and SPIRALLUSTER is a beautiful decorative object.

„Design by ORION: SPIRALLUSTER“ has no standard size. Depending on interior/stairway it is tailor-made. Its unique shape is a particular high-light: It follows the rotational direction of the stairway. This adaptability has made “SPIRALLUSTER” one of ORION’s most successful series.

The metal bars are manufactured in brass. With an overall diameter of 30cm, 44cm, 60cm or 120 cm the lights can be produced in almost any overall height within a few weeks. Other shapes, like square or rectangular, can be produced on request. Among the standard models are those with crystal hangings between the bars, without crystals or with opal glass shades over the illuminants. LEDs can also be fitted. Finishes are available in 24-carat gold- or chrome-plated (shiny). ORION offers special flexibility and can manufacture any individual form of SPIRALLUSTER in a minimum of time.

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