Orion Kristalldesign
Orion Kristalldesign


A light as individual as the decor of every room in a house. Design by ORION: SHADE is discreet, yet of clean elegance and with its many design options highly versatile in adapting to any location.

A room in shades of red with golden high-lights? Face concrete and cool steel-glass visuals? Simple bookshelves and matter-of-fact tables? „Design by ORION: SHADE“ with its unique transformational abilities fits in everywhere. Regardless whether installed as ceiling, wall, floor or table lights, as a bright light or subtly illuminating – Orion offers „SHADE“ in countless, customizable variations.

„Design by ORION:SHADE“ follows the classic design language of light series with conical or cylindrical shades combining modern materials and illuminants with high-end workmanship.

All of „SHADE‘s“ metal parts are made in solid brass with finish options Satin, nickel-plated shine finish, brass matte, white or black. Each of these finishes can be combined with eleven different shade colors. The cable feeds for table and floors lights are offered as stylish textile cables.

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