Orion Saturn
Orion Saturn


Crystal for low-ceilinged interiors: „Design by ORION: SATURN“ offers a flat construction and thus illuminates spaces lacking height.

„Design by ORION: SATURN“ is visually evocative of the second-largest planet in our solar system. Saturn – often also referred to as the ring-planet – is almost 10 times the size of Earth and visible to the naked eye. Mankind has been fascinated by it for a long time; even a Roman mythological deity was named after it.

As one of the few crystal ceiling lights „Design by ORION: SATURN“ offers a flat construction. “SATURN” thus is suitable for living and building interiors, especially for low-ceiled spaces where it embodies elegance and tasteful light design.

“SATURN”s metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and available in 24-carat gold- or chrome plated. The chrome-nickel mirror serves as rack for the entire light. The mirror effect creates the optical illusion of added height and lets the chandelier appear more imposing without requiring the actual proportions of high-ceiling spaces. The mirror is also available in gold at a surcharge. The crystal hangings are from Austrian production, by “Schöler Crystal”.

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