Orion Ringstrasse
Orion Ringstrasse
Orion Ringstrasse


„Design by ORION: RINGSTRASSE“ – epitomizes the glory days of Austria’s prime architectural era, the “Ringstrassenzeit”.

On December 20th, 1857 Emperor Franz Josef I. ordered Vienna’s old city fortifications to be demolished to replace them with a grand boulevard. Until then the city center was separated from the suburbs by massive ramparts and wide, unobstructed corridors. Fortifications that were considered outdated since the 18th century.

In the mid 19th-century the ramparts were dismantled, the trenches filled to create space for the Vienna Ringstrasse. The splendid buildings erected there – the Vienna State Opera, art- and natural history museums, hotels, mansions and monuments – gave the entire period its name: Ringstrassen-Zeit. Dazzling the buildings, elegant their lighting: „Design by ORION: RINGSTRASSE“ commemorates this era and recurs to Vienna Art Nouveau around 1900.

Yet the models from the RINGSTRASSE” series give a more playful interpretation: volute motives and tasteful ornaments on the metal parts, blossom glass lamp shades and finely ornamented glass globe shades adorn the lightbulbs. Models can be ceiling mounted or as chandeliers. They blend best with classic interior decorating, but can also be used in public buildings.

„Design by ORION: RINGSTRASSE‘s“ metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and iron. Available as finishes are fine-polished brass or Patina hand-shaded. Alternate options for the glass are opal-matte, embossed blossom glass with a clear ruffle seam or satinated glass with etched ornaments.

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