Orion Ring


Graceful elegance: „Design by ORION: RING“ is perfect for those wishing to give the finishing sparkle to a magnificent interior.

A ring is the universal symbol of grace and infinity. Since the Renaissance, a ring on the finger has signified “tempus perfectum”, or “perfect” unity, a symbol that radiates elegance and splendor.

The series „Design by ORION: RING“ captivates with its clear geometric form language and modern, timeless crystal ornaments. Its slimline structure allows for highly versatile installations – from classic apartments to designer lofts, in large scale properties or restaurants and catering facilities.

„Design by ORION: RING“ immediately turned into one of our most popular products. It has evolved into the lighting of choice for many project clients ever since the product launch.

„RING“ is manufactured in solid brass and available with standard finishes in chrome or 24-carat gold-plated; in classic ring, but also square, rectangle or bar shaped.

„RING“ can be ordered and produced in almost any size or finish. All crystal elements - from either Austrian production „Schöler Crystal“ or „Asfour Crystal“ – are also obtainable in colored crystal. To create a variety of light cues “RING” can be fitted with LED RGB elements.

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