When elegance meets technological innovation: „Design by ORION: PRISM“.

„Design by ORION: PRISM“ – this series is a novel interpretation of the classic crystal light featuring advanced technology with LED-lights fitted between ORION crystals. PRISM is ORION’s byword for classical elegance meets technological innovation.

The complete series is equipped with dimmable LEDs supplemented with a light diffuser. It obscures the individual points of light so they no longer glare. Instead light is spread evenly creating a pleasant light-mood that enhances any situation.

The special design, developed in Austria, gives the high-end crystals a unique and pure brilliance, letting the ORION-Prism crystals truly shine. The outstanding element of this series is how the LED-strips are fitted between the rows of crystal prisms. A Europe-wide design patent has been registered for this innovative design.

The finishes are available in gold- and chrome-plated. Prism’s wall and ceiling lights adapt harmoniously to any room and can be obtained with a broad selection of serial elements.

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