Orion Palme
Orion Palme


„Design by ORION: PALME“ presents itself in Mediterranean style: crystal-decorated golden palm leaves add a special tough to living interiors.

When in search of distinct lights in timeless style, then „Design by ORION: PALME“ fulfills the criteria. The crystal series evokes the wide leaves of a palm tree. The dalliance of the crystals on the gold or silver leaves of the chandelier imitates that of real palm leaves in the wind.

„Design by ORION: PALME“ is a top-seller in the Middle East and blends in well with a magnificent, timeless interior decorating style. Upmarket European interior decorators have also come to appreciate our “PALME”-chandelier.

The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and either 24-carat gold- oder chrome-plated. Crystals are produced in full-cut by “Schöler Crystal” in Austria.

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