Orion Oriental


As if the splendor of Arabian Nights was molded in crystal: „Design by ORION: ORIENTAL“ lets all luxurious dreams come true.

„Design by ORION: ORIENTAL“ is one of ORIONs grandest series. This is for those in search of a splendid, deluxe chandelier: The largest standard model offers a diameter of 1.30 m with no less than 4800 crystals. “ORIENTAL” has no size-limits though. A special order with 3.60 m in diameter can have up to 15.000 crystals, all hand-linked for a breathtaking light experience.

“ORIENTAL” as a highly exclusive crystal series in oriental style is mainly installed in upscale public interiors. Such as a prestigious religious building in Junik (Kosovo) – but also private institutions such as a palace in Austria.

The spectacular effect of all-over crystal curtains plays the leading role with „Design by ORION: ORIENTAL“. Even smaller head-knobs of the chandelier are manufactured with full crystal cover.

All metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and 24-carat gold-plated. Crystals are from Austrian production, “Schöler Crystal”, but can be fitted with other crystal qualities on demand.

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