„Design by ORION: NAGOYA“ is among ORION’s most spectacular chandeliers – detailed, luxurious and noble in all elements.

Nagoya with its 2.3 million inhabitants is Japan’s fourth largest metropolitan area. The port city hosts major museums, religious institutions of the Imperial Family and a renowned baseball and soccer team. If the noted Tokyu Hotel and ORION join forces to create something exclusively for their establishment in Nagoya, then expect a peerless crystal chandelier. „Design by ORION: NAGOYA“ embellishes not only Hotel Tokyu but also is an eye-catcher – especially in smaller scale versions - in high-class private interiors.

“NAGOYA”s arms are mounted on an embossed ornamental braid serving as bracket for the chains of crystal elegantly draping down from the top of the chandelier. In its center, finely cut crystal balls are tiered to a pillar focusing the dancing lights. The bottom crystal hangings are gathered in sweeping curves.

„Design by ORION: NAGOYA“s metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and 24-carat gold-plated. All crystals are from Austrian production “Schöler Crystal”.

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