Orion Miramare
Orion Miramare


Like the intense yearning for the deep blue sea on a sunny day: “Design by ORION: MIRAMARE” manages to capture Mediterranean flair and give an effectual finishing even to large rooms.

“Miramare” – see the sea in Italian– has a romantic ring to it in German ears. It evokes the day-dream of sitting by the seashore as the most pleasant of all existences. And it is the name of the famous 19th century castle in Trieste – role model for all later shoreline castles.

“Design by ORION: MIRAMARE” brings the sea-view to the interior. Borrowing from Mediterranean design elements, the series still retains its classic outline. A particular accent is the hand-painted and hand-shaded finish “Silver-Gold”.

Despite only limited crystal hangings, “MIRAMARE” leaves a strong impression in large rooms. The construction is similar to that of a chandelier, with the crystal elements having multi-facetted pendant optics. The diagonal run of the crystal hangings gives the design its unique visuals.

The light’s frame is manufactured in solid brass, the ornamental leaves are in iron. The finish “Silver-Gold” is hand-painted. “Design by ORION: MIRAMARE” also comes in two optional versions with lampshades. The crystal is produced by “Asour Crystal”.

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