Maria Theresia

Whoever says crystal chandelier, must say “MARIA THERESIA” – the design classic from ORION.

In the long history of Austrian rules, there was only one woman to lead the country: Maria Theresia of Habsburg. Who received the title “First Lady of Europe” not only because of her exceptionally long, but also highly reformist rule from 1740-1780. Her enlightened modernizations were groundbreaking in Austrian politics. Some of the reforms instituted by the “mother of her people” are still valid today; like mandatory school attendance or house numbers in all towns.

As with “KATHARINA” – ORION erects an illuminated monument to a great stateswoman „Design by ORION: MARIA THERESIA“ is one of the most commonly installed crystal chandeliers. The absolute classic among all crystal lighting originated back in the times of the Habsburg monarchy and can be found in many priceless historic buildings today.

One of the distinctive features of the “MARIA THERESIA”-series are the glass-covered arms and the partial crown-like super-structure of the light. Chandeliers true to the style of “MARIA THERESIA” until this day can only come from Austria.

The metal bars are manufactured in iron, the metal ornaments in brass. The finish is 24-carat gold-plated. Crystal hangings combine various components: „Schöler Crystal“, „Strass® Swarovski® Crystal”, “Spectra® Swarovski® Crystal“ and “1A full-cut crystal”.

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