A clear form-language and fanciful ornaments: „Design by ORION: LANDHAUS“ is the perfect fit for any country-style ambiance, but can also adapt to time-less, linear interiors.

“Country-style” the typical interiors for farm-houses or rustic homes in the country-side. This style is not limited to a certain era or art form. Common ground for everything “country-style” is a design along clear, time-less lines with playful detailing and ornaments.

„Design by ORION: LANDHAUS“ lights in their simple form not only work well with folksy furniture, but with any lasting style. The combination of country-style interiors and “LANDHAUS” lights unites modernity with tradition.

The various models, which all share the feature of a metal ring as end-piece of the glass-shades reach from a very pure design to fanciful with subtle floral ornaments. Ceiling lights are completed with a delicate brass floral ornament.

„Design by ORION: LANDHAUS“’s metal parts are manufactured in solid brass with “Patina” as finish. The glass shades can be chosen either in opal-matte or champagne-matte.

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