Orion Kristalldesign
Orion Kristalldesign


The dining room classic - „Design by ORION: KRISTALLDESIGN“ – with its round or oval lines is often installed over dining tables or other seating arrangements.

Crystal clear glass was produced in Venice as early as the 15th century. The material prized as “cristallo” remains the bedrock of festive lights and chandeliers until today. „Design by ORION: KRISTALLDESIGN“-series combines the most beautiful crystals in modern round or oval lines to create an image of contemporary elegance.

“KRISTALLDESIGN” fits into many interior decorating styles. Installed over dining tables or other seating arrangements the round or oval lights bring any tasteful ambiance to perfection. Its diverse forms can be combined to a complete living interiors series.

“KRISTALLDESIGN”s second version has lights dimmed by shades, fitted on arms discreetly studded with crystals. The slender arms have a square cross-section, adorned by acrylic-glass plates as candle-holders.

The metal parts of “KRISTALLDESIGN” oval and round are manufactured in solid brass and available with 24-carat gold- or chrome-plated or with hand-shaded “Patina” finishes. (The “Patina” option is standardly fitted with amber colored crystal elements). Optionally the lights can be fitted with lampshades in the colors champagne, white or black.

Die Leuchten der „Design by ORION: KRISTALLDESIGN“-Serie sind als Decken- oder Hängeleuchten einsetzbar und stufenlos höhenverstellbar. Die Kristallelemente sind österreichisches „Schöler Crystal“ Kristallglas.

“KRISTALLDESIGN” chandeliers have a 24-carat gold- oder chrome-plated finish, are available with lampshades in champagne, gold or white. In this version “KRISTALLDESIGN” is studded with „Spectra® Swarovski® Crystal“.

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