Orion Kristall Klassisch
Orion Kristall Klassisch


Magnificently dancing lights in a compact style: „Design by ORION: KRISTALL-KLASSISCH“ offers magical light moments with reduced form-language.

Crystal lights offer the splendor of letting light rays dance. The light refraction through countless glass stones in different shapes makes every light exceptional. Particularly in living interiors though, given the restrictions of the layout, it is often difficult to find the right light. The fascinating light atmosphere a crystal chandelier is able to create requires space.

ORION developed “KRISTALL KLASSISCH” to bring this special light to smaller living interiors. The product series offers many classic crystal lights that accept a subordinate role to the architecture of any room with their understated design and flat construction,

„Design by ORION: KRISTALL-KLASSISCH“ meets every taste – from the timeless piece to be found in every lighting show room in Europe to a festive, multi-tiered construction with crystal hangings.

„KRISTALL-KLASSISCH“s metal parts are manufactured in solid brass. Finishes are in 24-carat gold- or chrome-plated. Depending on the turnout of the final light the crystal hangings are from „Schöler Crystal“, „Asfour Crystal“ oder „Spectra® Swarovski® Crystal“.

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