Orion Hirohito
Orion Hirohito
Orion Hirohito


A crystal chandelier of imperial dimensions: „Design by ORION: HIROHITO“ shines with luxuriant design and a low buildup.

The Japanese monarchy is the oldest, continuous hereditary monarchy in the world. The first ruler, mythical Jimmu, took over power on February 18th, 660 BC. 2586 years later it was Hirohito, ascended the throne as the 124th Tenno.

„Design by ORION: HIROHITO“ in its luxuriant build-up matches the other series with imperial name-sakes and the long Austrian tradition of such splendid chandeliers. Orion’s series derives its name from the late Emperor Hirohito being one of the most famous owners of this crystal chandelier.

The arms with a square cross-section holding multi-facet cut lead-crystal plates under the illuminants take center-stage of “HIROHITO”. The closely arranged elements give it a luxurious, valuable flair. The series is used in high-end private interiors; of late also in very modern public spaces.

The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass and 24-carat gold-plated. All crystals are from Austrian production “Schöler Crystal”.

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