Orion Galaxy


„Design by ORION: GALAXY“ – an eye-catcher in modern-style with mirrored Swarovski ® crystals creating special light moments.

Way back in Ancient Greece, philosopher Democritus (around 400 BC) discovered that the Galaxy in which planet Earth is located resembles a gigantic, milky line of stars. He named it “galaxias”, with “gala” being the Greek word for milk. Today’s term “galaxy” dates back to these origins.

Inspired by the literally countless stars (astronomers estimate between 100 and 300 billion) stars in our galaxy, ORION’s designers have developed a chandelier with an inter-stellar optic: „Design by ORION: GALAXY“.

Mirrored Spectra® Swarovski® Crystals are mounted on slender curved arms, their maximum light refraction giving off an extraordinary color spectrum. “GALAXY” is mainly used in living interiors. But several extremely large “GALAXY”-globes for public spaces have already left the ORION-factory.

The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass. Finishes are available in 24-carat gold- or chrome-plated. Crystals: Spectra® Swarovski®

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