Orion Eremitage


Uniting classic and modern times: „Design by ORION: EREMITAGE“ pairs classic design with modern form-language.

The Eremitage in St. Petersburg is among the most important art museums in the world. Its 350 rooms show 60.000 exhibits. The collections span a great time range from ancient treasures to the modern works of Pablo Picasso.

„Design by ORION: EREMITAGE“ is mounted in a similar fashion: The chandelier appears elegant and under-stated, aerial and light. Here the classic lines of a chandelier meet modern form-language in svelte interpretation. “EREMITAGE” aligns itself with every interior decorating style – and is thus perfect for all living interiors.

„Design by ORION: EREMITAGE“‘s metal frame is manufactured in iron. Finishes are available in the options 24-carat gold-plated, satin or Antique. Crystals are from the “Spectra® Swarovski® Crystal“-line. A crystal tray is fitted under the light capsule to give the light greater brilliance.

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