Orion Empire
Orion Empire


„Design by ORION: EMPIRE“ is classical elegance personified. Traditional style elements in modern execution that fit into almost any type of classical interior.

Like a flash-back to the times of the British Empire, into large cathedral-like railway stations and elegant wooden paneling. Those are the classic interiors for which „Design by ORION: EMPIRE“ is made.

The metal ring encircling the white glass ball has brought it fame within the ORION collection. Especially the pendant lights with their ornamented fastenings are in very popular. “EMPIRE” shows its true elegance in the detailing: fluted elements, curved shape and a well-proportioned rod system.

„Design by ORION: EMPIRE“‘s metal elements are manufactured in solid brass. Finishes are available in 24-carat gold-plated or Patina. The glass shades are opal-matte; all pendant lamps have a fabric covered cord.

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