Orion Empire Crystal
Orion Empire Crystal

Empire Crystal

Empire, Art Nouveau and Baroque: “Design by ORION: EMPIRE CRYSTAL” blends the most beautiful design moments of past eras to create a new, noble style.

The series “Design by ORION: EMPIRE CRYSTAL” reminiscences of the splendor of palaces from a by-gone era. Its main inspiration comes from early 19th century classical French Empire style. But elements from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and not least from Art Nouveau and Baroque also influence the design of the “EMPIRE CRYSTAL” series. These resplendent lights offer a visual time-travel to the era of imperial courts.

In their slightly more modern interpretation of the style, the chandeliers receive cut-glass covers making them suited for high-end living and building interiors of all types. The fine, detailed workmanship e.g. convinced the Embassy of Namibia in Vienna.

“EMPIRE CRYSTAL’s” metal parts are manufactured in solid brass, various ornaments and/or arm pieces are cast molded. In the classic version the metal parts are 24-carat gold-plated; further options are the hand-shaded finishes “Antique Patina” or “Antique Silver”.

The lead crystal elements are manufactured by “Schöler Crystal” in Austria. The curved glass covers made from lead-crystal glass are diamond-cut; the ornamental braids are embossed.

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