Orion Budapest
Orion Budapest
Orion Budapest


„Design by ORION: BUDAPEST“ also belongs to the ORION Art Nouveau series – installed in many large scale public building projects.

Sisi, Austria’s famed Empress Elizabeth (1837-1898), loved Hungary, it’s people and mentality. In her honor, many buildings, public squares and monuments in Budapest are named “Erzsébet”. Corresponding to this mutual admiration elegant restaurants such as that of the “Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth” in Vienna banked on the light-series „Design by ORION: BUDAPEST“.

Belonging to ORION’s Art Nouveau series, the various models of the “BUDAPEST” series can often be found in public buildings. In Vienna next to the named hotel in the well-known restaurant “Rathauskeller” (City Hall Cellar) – or actually the City Hall itself in Bielsko-Biała in Poland.

The dignified design with large, botryoid shaped shades is also very popular in buildings of worship: the parish church in Vienna-Atzgersdorf, a mosque in Doha, the orthodox cathedral in Laktasi/Bosnia or the catholic cathedral in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Numerous other hotels, restaurants as well as the theater in Kasan/Russia opted for “BUDAPEST”.

The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass (partially cast molded). Finishes come in 24-carat gold- or bronze-plated. The botryoid shaped glass shades with diamond-cut are available satinated or clear.

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