Orion BIlderleuchte
Orion Bilderleuchte
Orion Bilderleuchte


Whether for watercolor, oil-painting or ink drawing – “Design by ORION: PICTURE LIGHTS” lets each work of art receive the lighting it deserves.

It is often difficult to properly highlight mural decoration such as paintings in living interiors. Centerpiece lighting may give the entire room perfect illumination – but is not designed to let details shine.

When faced with the task of showcasing pictures, choosing the best light can turn into a dilemma. After all the lighting must be congenial to the art work itself. “Design by ORION: PICTURE LIGHTS” is a classic picture light series for paintings in almost any art style. Its shape is the absolute classic on the picture light market.

The nostalgia reflector is white-painted on the inside to ensure best light irradiation to the picture. “PICTURE LIGHTS” can be fitted with any type of illuminant and are available unadorned or with small cast pieces as ornaments. All lights can be swiveled.

The frame is manufactured in solid brass. Finish of the unadorned version is available in Patina or Brass Matt; the ornamental version in Patina or 24-carat gold-plated.

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