Orion BALL
Orion BALL
Orion BALL


„Design by ORION: BALL“ creates the image of shining balls of light dancing through the air – just like noble dancers at balls in the Hofburg, the historic castle of Imperial Austria in Vienna.

This modern light series lets crystal sparkle: Developed and produced in Austria, „Design by ORION: BALL“ is one of the first lights series that illuminates crystal glass (24 % PbO content) from the inside with a LED board – projecting all the crystal glass‘ facets in the best possible manner.

The ball elements are available in various designs and can be illuminated by single or multi-flame illuminants. The array of ball element options, surface finishes, textile cables, ceiling plates and light moods for the LED boards is so diverse that each light is only produced after detailed selection – turning it into a unique, one-of-a-kind light.

„BALL“ is most distinguished by its crystal glass illuminated from the inside, called „ORION Hochbleikristallglas“ (full lead crystal glass). It is available in various cuts and designs: The diamond cut execution is on offer in matte or clear line cut as well as in matte or clear facet cut.

All metal parts of „Design by ORION: BALL“ are made from solid brass and offered with surface finishing in 24 carat gold-plated or nickel-plated.

Its illuminants feature the most modern technical standard in an exquisite frame: high quality and dimmable high-voltage A/C LED-boards are available in three light-moods: 2700 Kelvin (warm white), 3000 Kelvin (warm white) or 4000 Kelvin (neutral white).

The trendy textile covered cables are available in white, cream, silver, gold, black, blue or burgundy.

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