Austrian Old Lamp
Austrian Old Lamp


„Design by ORION: AUSTRIAN OLD LAMP“ – the classic in the style of lights typical for any “Wirtshaus”, the iconic Austrian inn.

Austrian culinary tradition has another institutional high-light to offer next to the Vienna coffee house: the “Wirtshaus”, the local inn or pub. This is where you find hearty, good cooking: Schnitzel, pork roast, all types of dumplings “Knödel”, Kaiserschmarrn & Palatschinken, two different types of pan cakes – all iconic dishes of fine Austrian cuisine.

Naturally such an ambiance has the traditional lamp to go with it: „Design by ORION: AUSTRIAN OLD LAMP“. The series blends into rooms of a rustic charm with a lot of wood and folk décor in perfection.

„Design by ORION: AUSTRIAN OLD LAMP“ in consequence is most popular for restaurants where it unites the great Austrian traditions of cozy ambiance and delicious eating.

„Design by ORION: AUSTRIAN OLD LAMP“ lights are manufactured in solid brass. The glass shades are available in two versions: opal-brilliant and champagne-brilliant. Metal rings are fitted around the rims of the glass shades.

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