Orion Objektdesign
Orion Objektdesign

1510 Objektdesign

„Design by ORION: 1510 OBJEKTDESIGN“ the exclusive one among the coffee house lights – impresses with fluted bars and satinated glasses.

Schwarzenberg, Sperl, Drechsler, Landtmann, Hawelka – only a short excerpt from the long list of traditional Vienna coffee houses. “Kaffehaus” is as Viennese as it can get: This is where the opera singer as well as the student celebrate, this is where politics and/or history are made. Or one or other international literary Bestseller was written on a small table in one of these coffee houses. Unsurprisingly, UNESCO added the Vienna coffee houses to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Like “ALT WIEN” and “WIENER NOSTALGIE”, „Design by ORION: 1510 OBJEKTDESIGN“ belongs to the series in typical Vienna coffee house style. The exclusive appeal of this line results from the fluted bars and the mellow light of the satinated glasses. “1510 OBJEKTDESIGN” graces numerous embassies and other public buildings. Even underground-stations in Eastern Europe have been equipped with this series.

The metal parts are manufactured in solid brass; finish is bronze-plated and the glasses satinated. The ornaments on the upper sides of the glasses are cast molded.

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